Newspaper Digitization Project

The Smyth County Museum & Historical Society has digitized its collection of over 900 historic newspapers from Marion and surrounding counties.  The collection  includes issues of the following papers (does not all issues or years):        

  • Marion Democrat (1894-1942)
  • Marion Herald (1869-1872)
  • Marion Journal (1880)
  • Marion News (1896-1925)
  • Marion Times (1887-1992)
  • Marion Visitor (1861)
  • Patriot and Herald (Marion) (1872-1887)
  • Saltville Progress (1961)
  • Smyth County News (1926-1970)
  • Southern Star (Marion) (1868 and 1870)
  • Southwestern News (Marion) (1890-1895)
  • The American (Marion) (1913-1915)
  • Rural Retreat Times (1895-1896 and 1915)
  • Abingdon Gazette (1821)
  • Bristol Evening News (1909)
  • Bristol Herald Courier (1898 to 1933)
  • Southwest Virginia Enterprise (Wythe Co.) (1866 to 1970)
  • Wytheville Dispatch (1886 to 1904)
  • Wythe Journal (1841)
  • Wytheville Times (1857)
  • Western Virginia Argus (Wythe Court House) (1828 and 1832)
  • Roanoke World-News (1939)
  • Lutheran Observer (Baltimore, Md.) (1836 and 1838)

While the original issues are too brittle to be handled, we feel it’s important for anyone interested in reading them to be able to do so.  The images are photographic reproductions and include all pages of each issue although some issues are missing pages. The newspapers are in PDF format and searchable to a limited extent.  Viewing them requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, Nitro Reader or a similar product capable of opening PDF files.

This collection can be purchased on USB flash drive for $15.00 plus tax. We use these sales as a means to raise funds to continue our mission. To order, please contact us by email at:

Individuals who purchased previous issues of the USB drive can update their drive with newly digitized issues at no additional charge. For questions about the newspapers USB flash drive or the newspaper digitization project, please contact Max Wyatt, museum director, at 276-783-7286 or by email to